Bodywork Style
Swedish is soothing, gentle, and nurturing, and uses light to medium pressure to assist the client in relaxation.
Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure or friction on contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia.
Hot Stone
Hot stone uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black
volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. The heat from the warm basalt stones penetrates deeply to help loosen and soothe tightened muscles.

Stress often causes muscles to become severely knotted; a bodywork addresses this tension by targeting the body’s deep layers of muscle. Enjoy the bodywork that reduces muscle soreness.

Foot Massage
Enjoy a treat for the feet with the reflexology that is the practice of stimulating points on the feet that are thought to correspond to specific organs.

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